Halloween window decor ideas

Decorating your garden, porch, front door and windows is essential as these are the first things your guests will see and trick or treat. Today’s summary is devoted to window decorations, which you can create yourself in a few minutes.

window silhouettes

Silhouettes are an easy decoration for any window. They are usually black in color to be seen in the dark. They can also glow to look scarier. You can buy them or just have them cut out of paper or cardboard yourself, it’s easy! You can create entire haunted scenes or scenes from your favorite scary movies. Witches, black cats, jack o lanterns, spiders, ghosts and skeletons are great ideas. Just cut them out and attach them. Invite your kids to participate together and have fun!

decals and stickers

Stickers are another cool idea, they can be colored or black, you can make them from self-adhesive paper or buy ready-made ones. They attach easily to the glass and can be easily removed. Decals also have two sides so they are cool both inside and out.

Other ideas

Get more creative and make different cool things! If you can, use an animated projector to display skeletons or other things in your windows. Use black cheesecloth and make classy, ​​spooky curtains for Halloween. Create funny eyes with eyes on your window decals or silhouettes, use neon paint or something like that. Funny crash ghost characters appear not only outside but also inside, having a double effect. Put a creepy figure or a fake witch by the window and enjoy the impression it creates. Decorate the window outside and inside with artificial spider web. It’s budget-friendly and simple. Pull out some plastic spiders and a cool vintage candle holder to create a haunted house effect. Get inspired!

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35 ideas for decorating windows with silhouettes on Halloween.
35 ideas for decorating windows with silhouettes on Halloween.