Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Ideas for gray kitchen cabinets

GRAY KITCHEN CABINET IDEAS – Can still be fun for sure. There are different ways to play with safe or neutral colors in order to create a particularly strong tone later. This general statement applies to a gray kitchen cabinet.

Gray as a flexible color can be found in the list below. Material selection and cabinet design are two factors that can support the bold gray tones of the kitchen cabinet models.

Mirrored gray kitchen cabinet

Mirrored gray kitchen cabinet

Glossy material provides a strong reflective tone for kitchen cabinets regardless of the color of the kitchen aspect. This kitchen chooses glossy and gray material that envelops small cabinets and drawers in the cabinet unit.

Each of the sub-units contains simple buttons. This is the typical cabinet design we often see in modern kitchens. With the overall selection, the furniture looks light and fresh.

The selection contrasts with traditional tones that come from the wall and wood panel. With the design, the kitchen wants to stimulate the mind to spend time here.

Trendy gray kitchen cabinet


An outdoor kitchen is an area where you can channel your experiment with a kitchen cabinet. Take this picture as a cool example. This kitchen cabinet uses gray wood which looks light and comfortable.

We are sure that the kitchen cabinet will become an important part of the kitchen equipment. You can prove this by adapting the entire kitchen cabinet to the kitchen hardware. For example, the kitchen cabinet makes a gentle curve under the gas stove.

Two narrow, small cabinets also surround the gas stove. This kitchen proves that gray supports flexible furniture design.

Elegant gray kitchen cabinet


Dark gray is a wonderful color to play with. The kitchen furniture is kept in an intense gray to match the black worktop. The color combination shows a pleasant sight. We don’t see the special color pairing in many kitchen models.

In addition to the special shade of gray, the kitchen furniture selects a light material and a simple design. The overall concept of the cupboard is implemented in the models with casual drawers and cupboards. This also leads to a homely tone from the kitchen cabinet.

While the slim cabinet maintains the minimalist as the overall concept of the kitchen.

Futuristic gray kitchen cabinet


Our fourth recommendation uses a similar concept to the first idea. Shiny material becomes the theme of the kitchen. You can also see that the material looks very shiny and metallic.

We even suspect the kitchen cabinet uses stainless steel metal. You can feel that the entire kitchen cabinet looks futuristic and modern. With a view to the extractor hood and kitchen utensils, the kitchen uses the perfect cupboard concept.

Overall, the overall appearance of the kitchen is so sophisticated and high-tech.

Sleek gray kitchen cabinet


Go for a simple shade of gray if you want a soft shade from a planned kitchen cabinet. The kitchen cabinet applies the shadow approaching the white. The choice is not without reason.

The special color goes well with the white backsplash and the white table on the kitchen island. To avoid the all white kitchen theme, the kitchen cabinet uses the specific shade of gray. The case material looks casual, not shiny.

This choice is meant to contrast with the glossy white backsplash. Overall, the kitchen offers a perfect balance in color and material.

Simple gray kitchen cabinet

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In this picture there are two sections within the entire gray kitchen cabinet. We want to limit the small talk to the wooden cupboards on the wall. Most of the time we see a narrow closet hanging vertically.

But this plain closet takes on a contrasting way. The cabinets hang horizontally and fit into the short kitchen wall. In the kitchen cabinet sub-unit there are four small cabinets.

The picture shows that depending on creativity, gray can lead to a simple and unique furniture style.

Classic gray kitchen cabinet


A soft shade of gray creates a classic kitchen cabinet that fills this area. Use this particular tone for a strong, peaceful ambience. Combine that with the old fashioned cabinet design which looks lovely in its simplicity.

In addition, the kitchen cabinet connects the tall and narrow cabinets with the small, square storage space with the glass covers. The classic model of the kitchen cabinet is further enhanced by the iconic model of the glass covers.

When it comes to the blue motif back wall, we all agree that the design of the kitchen cabinet works best.

Casual gray kitchen cabinet


The modern kitchen concept is supported by the casual gray kitchen cabinet model. The cabinets use the usual design of cabinets and drawers with a simple knob style. The entire cabinets cover the upper and lower part of the kitchen.

The kitchen chooses the soft gray tone as a contrast to the light wood that is used for the flooring and the kitchen island. Decrease the brightness with the calm gray tone.

This keeps the pantry cozy and comfortable.

Compact gray kitchen cabinet


The balanced shade of gray becomes the theme color of this modern kitchen. This chosen shade adds to the spacious feeling we can see from the medium-sized kitchen. The kitchen furniture consists of several sub-models.

There are open storage rooms, small closets and drawers. The cabinets surround the kitchen which selects the white sink, white countertop, and high-tech cooking appliances.

The different models and the spacious overall housing allow you to stow many things, from cooking utensils to dishes.

Dramatic gray kitchen cabinet


We close the list with the dramatic gray kitchen cabinet with the classic cabinet design. The dramatic tone comes from the gray-black hue. The kitchen cabinet can be expanded horizontally and contains large and luxurious cabinets.

They become decorations in kitchen furniture. Interesting enough to note that the large closet on the right contains glass material that looks blackish. So we can still see dramatic emotions coming out of the kitchen cupboard.

We can even see a little black element in the kitchen cabinets. Our last suggestion offers a remarkable way to combine classic and dramatic feelings.

We hope the list inspires you to look at gray from different directions.


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