Creative small kitchen design ideas

A small kitchen always has its advantages: it is more convenient, there is no need to look for different things, because everything is at hand. There are some ideas how to make a small kitchen cool. A rustic kitchen with rough wood shelving and furniture would look great in a country home. A kitchen with an industrial touch – a rough wall – is cool, especially with smooth surfaces and a kitchen island with a space-saving dining area. If your apartment is very small, you can use built-in furniture and household appliances, as well as arrange a dining area in the main room. A good idea is to use a long table – here you can cook, clean the table and use it as a dining table. See below for more ideas.

furniture and appliances

What furniture do you need in a small kitchen? First of all some cooking facilities – cupboards with worktops are welcome! Closets also give you enough storage space for various things. If this is not enough, choose open shelves, as open shelves do not look heavy and offer storage space. If you want to dissolve visually, prefer closets as they hide all the things you store. Imagine a kitchen island – since the kitchen is small, you can opt for one that doubles as a dining room. If you have enough space, go to a separate dining area or dining area with a small table and chairs. Built-in devices save a lot of space, although you can also use the usual ones.

accessories and decor

Brighten up the space with something bold – artwork, photos and so on. Refresh the space with potted greens or blooms and add tiny touches of your chosen style – rustic, farmhouse, minimalist or modern. Pay attention to the lighting, especially when there is not much natural light here. Use pendant lights and sconces to save space.

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