Flat curved wooden strip

Toledano + Architects renovated a typical Haussman apartment in Paris for a young family of three, adding a curved ribbon of wood that doubles as a livable wall and sculptural installation. This light spatial element allows the preservation of all the existing historical elements, giving the house a strong character while revealing new uses and a new appreciation of the space. The wooden wall is lower than the ceilings in order to keep the signs of the earlier historic layout.

The apartment features typical Haussmann elements such as moldings, herringbone parquet and a linear long balcony. The curved band of wood that circulates through the load-bearing shaped walls distributes the entrance to the rooms and bathrooms, creating niches for storage or for the kitchen. The architects created walls made entirely of wood, from the rails inside, which were cut with a laser, to the curved surfaces, made with molds. All walls were prefabricated and assembled in the joinery and then reassembled on site within a day.

On one side there is a master suite with the bedroom, the open bathroom and the dressing room and on the other side the children’s area with a bedroom and a bathroom. The two parts of the band define these two areas of the house. A narrow corridor separates the entrance from the wide and spacious common areas: the living room as well as the kitchen and dining room.

toledano + architekten adds a curved wooden band to haussmanian.
Wood Ribbon Apartment in Paris features a wavy wooden house
toledano + architekten adds a curved wooden band to haussmanian.

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