Kitchen Hood Ideas

Ideas for kitchen hoods

KITCHEN HOOD IDEAS – The extractor hood absorbs the smoke from a gas stove. To prevent smoking from spreading around the kitchen, an extractor hood picks up smoke and debris. This is what makes the extractor hood so good that you stay healthy in the kitchen.

In the past, natural materials such as wood and stone were used for the kitchen hood. Today the extractor hood takes different forms. A rich themed range hood is available depending on your preferences and budget. Some themed hoods are listed below.

Classic kitchen hood

Classic kitchen hood

This modern home chooses a classic kitchen with good quality wood. We believe that all the furniture in this kitchen is made of the finest wood as a material because it looks sturdy and solid. This category of wood used to be mainly used for the elite kitchen.

Clad in black, the same type of wood is used for the extractor hood. Although the extractor hood looks small, it is blessed with the special cover. It has the iconic classic cover that we often see in royal or wealthy English kitchens.

In addition, the kitchen hood has the cabinet-like area. Very graceful and high quality.

Minimalist extractor hood


While the first example looks very expensive, our second idea can limit your budget. This hood style could become one of the most widely adopted concepts for the modern kitchen, as this picture shows.

The hood contains three square boxes that are most likely to absorb the smoke from the gas stove below. The extractor hood is painted white. The extractor hood is simple and clean and adapts to the color of the cabinet and ceiling.

The white extractor hood, however, contributes to a clear and homely feeling for the kitchen.

Avant-garde kitchen hood


You are probably wondering why we included this outdoor kitchen on this list. We admire how the kitchen brings an avant-garde hood to this area. We call it that because the extractor hood looks big and optimally absorbs the smoke from below.

The range of extractor hoods goes well with the gas stove, which also looks classy. The gas stove enables extensive cooking, frying and heating. This leads to the concept of the extractor hood. The extractor hood stays smooth, there are no covers.

If the extractor hood is placed in the open air, smoke can immediately rise into the sky.

Nice extractor hood


Before reading this article, did you hear the term “modern country kitchen”? We hope that after reading this, you understand that this particular kitchen doesn’t have to burden you, especially when it comes to the range hood.

Because some of you may think that the Country Hood requires a lot of rough stones or beams. This example tells you otherwise. In your small or medium-sized kitchen area, consider this lovely hood style.

All you have to consider is an iconic classic or country hood design for the modern country kitchen hood you are hoping for.

Simple extractor hood


A simple range hood like this is enough to keep you healthy. This kitchen chooses this hood concept which helps keep the entire space simple and straightforward. No cover or paint for the kitchen hood.

The extractor hood absorbs the smoke coming from the gas stove below. With the kitchen hood you can cook, heat or drink ingredients without coughing. After switching off the gas stove, you can immediately start cooking again.

Don’t forget to install the windows as recommended by the kitchen. Good ventilation helps keep lungs healthy after you cook for a long time.

Country-style extractor hood


That’s what we call a real rural kitchen hood. You can compare this to the fourth idea. Record differences between the two and prove your worth with ours below. We believe this is the country because of the material.

In contrast to the previous idea, this time strong bricks replace the extractor hood. Then the stones are painted white. The extractor hood has a special cover. There is the patterned motif that surrounds the lowest part of the extractor hood.

The extractor hood is bulky yet peaceful and fits in the closet and on the back wall.

Double work hood


Contrary to the previous proposals, the seventh idea chooses a long range hood. That goes with the long and complex gas stove below. The extractor hood is covered simply and beautifully.

The cover is painted white to match the overall color of the kitchen theme. Interestingly, the kitchen offers enough space above the extractor hood. The space for displaying the framed picture is maximized.

The free space next to the picture can be used for other decorations. We applaud here how the range hood can actually do a double job.

French country kitchen hood


Back in the classic hooded style. This particular design actually includes numerous sub-styles depending on your preference. This eighth tip touches on the French concept of the rural cooker hood.

French is known to have a fine taste for art. This can be seen in the manufacture of the extractor hood. There’s the exquisite craft that stains the hood’s roof and looks impressive.

What an exquisite toque style for this kitchen.

Graceful country kitchen hood


The extractor hood is completely covered by the cover and takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. The design of the range hood corresponds to a general design with the eighth idea.

This example admires us more with great coverage, the greatest of all on this list. Seen from the fence, the “house of the extractor hood” contains the classic style. It is equipped with an elegant backsplash.

The entire range hood looks graceful and cozy.

Traditional range hood


This modern kitchen is perfect for the display of the range hood. The extractor hood is attached to the kitchen wall with the bricks surrounding it.

The white clad kitchen hood looks comfortable and traditional. It has the tunnel to channel the smoke generated by the gas stove below. The extractor hood goes so well with the white painted kitchen wall.

Traditional tastes satisfy the kitchen despite the small footprint.


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