Green Bedroom Ideas For Your Inspiration

Green Bedroom Ideas For Your Inspiration

What color are the walls in your bedroom? If you haven’t painted or thought about decorating your bedroom in a while, then it’s long overdue. Your master bedroom should reflect your personality and style while helping you relax and sleep. Green is a great color. The following green bedroom ideas are sure to inspire you to choose a new shade for your bedroom walls.

With the right shade of green, you can recreate the feel of nature in your living room. Or choose a bold and rich shade that will motivate you in the morning. Green is a perfect color for your bedroom and pairs beautifully with a variety of decor and interior design themes.

1. Accent screens for green bedroom ideas

If you’re not ready to make your entire bedroom green, why not make a single wall green? This way, you can enjoy the beauty and physiological benefits of green wall paint without having to paint your entire bedroom.

When creating your green accent wall, don’t just paint the wall, keep it a simple green wall. Try creating a design using wood paneling to create a pattern and texture. Or use another color with green color. Adding metallic accents can also give it a luxurious look and feel.

Green accent wall, bedroom, green bedside table, sconces, lights, wooden bench
Canvas wall art with green wall bedroom, pallet headboard
Green bedroom ideas, accent wall, white bedspread
Modern bedroom, green accent wall, gray bed frame, hanging potted plants, wooden bedside table
Shiplap green accent wall, white wall shelf, bedside tables, wooden floor, carpet

2. Design a green bedroom for boys

If your little boy loves green, why not make his dreams come true by forgoing the traditional navy blue color scheme and painting his room a shade of green instead?

You can even let him choose the color green he likes best. Maybe it’s a light lime green, or maybe he prefers a darker hunter green. You can then combine it with a bedroom decoration that matches the green color he chooses. You can also choose a different shade of green for the bedding or floor carpet.

Two-tone green and white wall for boys, white bed frames, cupboards and bedside table
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White wall lamps with green bed frame for boys' bedroom
Green wall with faux wood bed and side tables for boys room, sconces and lights
Two-tone green and white bedroom walls, wall hooks, framed artwork, black bed frame

3. Timeless elegance

Choose a hunter green and combine it with your white walls for a classic look. Enjoy the preppy touch of this color combination for your bedroom. Choose lighter wood for the bed frame, headboard, and other bedroom furniture. This ensures a clean and fresh feeling in your bedroom.

Try combining sage green with saddle or tan leather and brass or copper. This gives your bedroom a warm and inviting atmosphere that has a slightly masculine feel. You’ll like the simple elegance that exudes traditional style while feeling fresh at the same time.

Green wall, bedroom, gray bed, framed wall art
Classic green accent wall in bedroom, elegant white bed frame and nightstands
Modern bedroom, green accent wall, white bed frame and cupboards, green tea set with hat rail
Green Boho Bedroom Platform Bed Wicker Baskets
Elegant bedroom, wooden platform, bed, framed wall art, vase with plants
Classic green wall, bedroom, white wooden bed frames, cabinets, framed wall art, gray carpet
Turquoise wall, bedroom floorboards, curtains, vintage bedside table
Green slate tile tapestry, wooden bed frame, framed wall art
Floral green wallpaper, large white headrest, green bed table

4. Embrace elegantly

Treat yourself to elegance by painting your bedroom a darker shade of green. This will make your bedroom furniture an eye-catcher when placed on the bedroom wall. Choose a headboard made from more expensive materials such as wood or upholster it in leather.

Then complete the feeling of luxury with high-quality bedding, a thick duvet and soft pillows. You’ll feel like royalty as you sink into your comfortable bed and drift off into a deep sleep.

Continue the elegant feel in your bedroom by adding a gold-framed mirror to the wall. Then hang a chandelier from the ceiling for additional lighting.

Lime Green Bedroom Glass Table Tops Lamps Framed Wall Art
Luxury Textured Green Wall Platform Bed Porcelain Vases
Modern red headboard track lighting for bedroom

5. Exploring the tranquility of forest greenery

You don’t have to paint your room forest green to use a darker green in your bedroom. Instead, look for furniture made in this green color.

Place a forest green accent chair in the corner of your bedroom to create a cozy reading nook. Place a dark green carpet on the floor. Go bold with your forest green and go for a green bed frame and headboard or dresser.

If you’re feeling bold about your interior design, consider painting your ceiling forest green. This can be a stunning and unique look, especially when paired with matching green walls or bright white wheels.

Forest Green Accent Wall, Wooden Nightstands, Wall Shelf, Framed Artwork Hanging Pot
Forest green attic accent wall, black bed frame, wall shelf, framed photos

6. Design a green bedroom for girls

Skip the stereotypical pink and paint your friend’s room a little differently. Light green walls can create a fresh atmosphere. It also looks beautiful with pink if your daughter loves pink.

Try to create a pattern on the wall using the two colors. Or paint the walls one color and use the other to accent the room, e.g. B. pink walls with green pillows, carpets and window treatments.

If your daughter is older, you can keep the room from looking too young and cute by adding gold accents. This enhances the room and makes it look more adult. Replace the furnishings with modern furnishings.

Girl's bedroom, green wall, pink door, toy hammock, photo wall
Girl's room, green accent wall, modern bed, gold lamp, potted plants
Girl, green bedroom, pink pillows, white Ikea bedside tables, candle
minimalist green bedroom, vintage bed frame, framed wall art, sputnik chandelier
Green girl's bedroom, white bed frame, Hollywood style vanity with wall mirror
Green wall, bedroom, pink cabinets, computer table, gold lamp
Dark green accent wall, cream headrest, platform, bed, white nightstand, woman undressing, wall art
Dark green accent wall for girls bedroom, white cabinets and wardrobe
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7. Transform your guest room

If you like the color green but don’t want to commit to the color in your bedroom yet, then why not try these green bedroom designs in your guest room? So you can create a beautiful bedroom design for your guests staying in your guest room.

Your guest room is your chance to create a bold design with a rich, vibrant dark green. channel The Great Gatsby with Art Deco accents and gold accents throughout the space. Or opt for a soft and sweet bedroom with mint green paired with rattan and whitewashed wood.

Green attic guest room, black affairs, wicker basket cover
Modern guest room with green bed, circular wall art side table
elegant green guest room
Guest room, green accent wall, gray best dog
Green guest room with earthy pillows and bedspread
Green guest room bedroom ideas -sewlovelybykelly

8. Green interior

Paying attention to green when looking for decorating ideas for your home is a smart decision. Pale greens like mint appear light, bright, clean and fresh. Darker shades are enriching, motivating and channel the feeling of money.

You don’t have to add a shade of green to your walls to add more green to the interior of your home. Add decorative elements like pillows for a less permanent option.

When choosing decorative pieces, add multiple shades of green to create a multi-dimensional look. It’s also a nice color to add a pop of color. You can add a rich emerald green velvet sofa to your living room.

Lime green bedroom curtains, bedspread and border, blue floor carpet
Light green artwork, white bed frame and label
Striped Green White Accent Wall Vintage Bedroom Platform Bed
Green accent wall, white framed platform bed, desk and computer
Green shrub wall lamp for the bedroom of the apartment
Large green bedroom, white bedside table, chair and shelf lamp, framed leaf paintings
Simple lime green curtains and bedspread, beanbag, tiled floor
Luxury bedroom, black headrest, green pillows, floral wallpaper
Modern bedroom with green accent wall wooden bed frame
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9. Master green

Get in the right mindset by updating your bedroom design with a rich shade of green. You can create a calming oasis that feels like a spa and escape from the world. Start your bedroom makeover by choosing the shade of green you like best.

Choose several options that you find attractive. Then stick the paint chip on the wall or paint a sample square. It can be helpful to place them in several places around your bedroom.

Then you can see how the colors look in changing light throughout the day. You may find that a color you liked in the store looks terrible in your home.

Bedroom, green accent wall, wooden wall shelf, mirror, Mexican style bedspread
Green fern design curtains in master bedroom, white bedboards
Green bedside wall mirror lamp in oriental style
small green accent wall bedroom, gray headboard, gold framed wreath
Green bedroom, vintage wooden bed, framed photo, hexagonal wall mirrors, pendant lighting

10. Modernization with green elements

Designing a modern bedroom is all about using furniture with minimal ornamentation and clean, clean lines. You can have green bedroom walls with crisp white bedding on a black frame bed. Or try painting your walls a soothing cream tone and pairing them with green bedding.

Choose a softer shade of green or one with a complex hue. A light green bedroom, where the shade looks slightly gray, is suitable. Or choose a darker shade of green with hints of blue for a multi-dimensional feel. Sage green gives your bedroom an earthy vibe.

Green Accent Wall Modern Bedroom Pendant Light Framed Wall Art Potted Plant
Modern bedroom with green wall, wooden panel, bed frame, wall sconces and lights
Large bedroom, white cupboards, wall shelves, wooden bed chest
Green attic bedroom wardrobe, accent chair, room wall art
Green wall curtains for small bedroom
Master bedroom, green accent wall, framed wedding photos, string lights, gray headboard

11. Rustic charm

Using green to paint your walls will perfectly match your rustic room and decor. Style a mint green bedroom with a lighter green to give it a fresh vibe. It also blends well with the darker, rough-hewn wood of rustic furniture.

Mint green walls can look great when combined with white and black accents. This balances the room and prevents it from becoming too light and bright. Another option is to add white tones by whitewashing the wood. This gives the wood a rustic look and at the same time provides visual variety.

Green wall, rustic bedroom, four post bed frame
Lime green bedroom with black skirting boards framed wall art
Rustic bedroom, green wallpaper, wall mirror, world map
Boho bedroom, green accent wall, wooden bed frame, white nightstand, animal skull
Attic bedroom with green wooden wall bedside tables

12. Wonderful wallpaper expressions

Try wallpaper to make the walls green. Choose wallpaper with a creative pattern for an eclectic bedroom, or opt for wallpaper with a geometric pattern or a full-scale mural.

This is also a smart option if you want to choose a bright color like lime green or dark emerald green. Be warned; This color painted on your walls will be harder to cover up later if you decide to change it.

Choosing wallpaper in this color is easier because you can simply remove the wallpaper and the color will be removed. This will make it easier to change your bedroom color scheme later.

floral green wallpaper, bronze bed frame, green carpet