Use of colors in children’s rooms

Choosing decor and design for children’s rooms is more difficult than for adults, because you need to take into account the gender, character and even psychological characteristics of your child. The whole space is better designed in bright and fresh colors, although there should be some bright and vibrant colors as well to create a lively ambiance that is so important for children.

Best colors for children’s rooms

When decorating, do not pay attention to stereotypes, such as B. Gender stereotypes that say pink is the best color for girls and blue is only for boys. Swing colors that are too bright everywhere is very tiring, including too many trends is not a good idea, and current trends may not be suitable for children’s rooms. Don’t let the kindergarten look like a studio to download the best photos on Instagram. It should be cozy and inviting.

As for age, one-year-old children choose bright colors, and their favorite is red. Orange and yellow are also loved by them, and these colors are loved until the children turn seven. Only after 7 children accept and enjoy all colors. Children between the ages of 5 and 10 prefer themed areas. So don’t refuse to hang up posters, artwork and wallpaper featuring your favorite characters.

Corrections with colors

If you want to correct your child’s mood and behavior, you can do it with colors. If your child is too passive, you can make them more active with bright colors like orange, yellow, and red. Again, don’t make the room too bright and bold as it won’t affect your child in a good way and create anticipation. If your child is hyperactive, decorate the room in bright greens and blues. Before decorating, find out how your child reacts to this or that color, because colors that do not suit his temperament can irritate and aggravate.

The best idea is wallpaper for painting. You can change colors and add graphics and posters from time to time – as many as he or she wants. Add color with some accessories like pillows, curtains, toys or bedding so you can easily swap them out when needed.

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