This is how you make your home contemporary

Does your home seem outdated? Then it’s high time to give your home a fresh, contemporary feel with streamlined designs and items. We have prepared some tips to quickly give a traditional home a contemporary feel. Most of these are fairly easy and affordable.

Forget furniture sets

Mismatched furniture is a hot trend in home decor, and of course modern home furniture shouldn’t come in sets: it’s way cooler when you have different pieces. Each of them is unique but they create a coherent space. Give your home a makeover: break up the sets and move parts of them to different rooms and spaces. If you still want to keep the set together, repaint and reupholster some pieces to give them a different look and still make a cohesive set. You can also head to various yard sales, garage sales, and clearance deals to find some pieces and get a contemporary feel for less.

Include negative space

A must-have for contemporary and minimalist styles, negative space has strong psychological implications: it gives your eyes a rest and a zen feel to your home. Even if you don’t have a lot of space not to fill it, reconsider your decor: what things do you really need and what don’t? Take away everything you don’t need and you get a clean and uncluttered contemporary look.

Choose a color palette

Favor a consistent color palette throughout the home so that each room has its own theme and functions. Contrasting features give the rooms a sharp and clean look that’s so popular for modern homes. Ditch the muted beige and use black, cream, white and other bold colors to add sharper edges to your home. Adding black hardware to white cabinets, for example, can update outdated cabinets.

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