Small laundry room ideas that are practical

Your small laundry room needs the same attention from you when furnishing and decorating your kitchen or living room. This place is important for your daily laundry which takes a good part of your time. This small space, if decorated with style, becomes a beautiful environment in which to work at any time of the day.

Small laundry room ideas basically depend on proper storage. If you have proper shelving to place all your detergents and baskets on, you can make an easy adjustment. Also, there must be a place to hang hangers for more convenience.

Keeping the small different items in one basket makes you feel more organized than just picking the basket gives you access to all the items you need. In addition, a basket keeps all the little details together and you don’t feel like cluttering the shelf with lots of little details. Often in a small laundry room, hooks and hanging rods are most needed. They come in handy for hanging lots of clothes while you do the laundry.

To make the space wider, you can stack the baskets according to their size in the lower part of the cabinet, and arrange detergents on the upper shelves. This makes things easier to access and keeps cleaning supplies clearly visible on the top shelf where you can easily read the labels and select as needed.

Use tension wire to hang a pretty curtain in front of the closet to add texture to the small space when the selection of things displayed on the shelves doesn’t appear in a particular style. Check out Houzz for more small laundry room ideas. More handpicked ideas are available on Home Stories.

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