Relaxing Scandinavian bathroom designs

The Scandinavian decor is calm, peaceful and rather relaxing I think. Hence, this style is ideal for bathroom decoration as a bathroom is a place where we take care of a long day of rest – a bath tub or a hot shower. We have put together a whole range of beautiful Scandinavian bathrooms, minimalist, elegant, stylish and with natural touches. The traditional color scheme is black and white, of course, but grey, navy and some pops of color are also present. What I love about these Nordic rooms is lots of natural wood or stone – giving a warm feel – and green plants that really turn your bathroom into a home spa. Enjoy the images below and get inspired!


A Scandinavian bathroom is usually totally neutral: white, off-white, beige, tan and light gray. However, you can also see black and white rooms where black adds drama to the room. Also try atmospheric rooms: black and gray are trendy. To avoid boring looks, just add potted greens – it brings color and a fresh feel to the bathroom.


A Nordic bathroom can be outfitted with tiles, white or regular concrete, stone tiles and you will definitely need some wood, preferably light stained, and stone too. Add wooden mats, tree stumps, cabinets and benches and choose stone sinks and even stone just for decor. Set out some woven baskets and boxes for storage and voila – a chic look is achieved!

bathroom decor

Opt for a modern oval tub or vintage tub, wall mounted vanity with a pair of sinks or bowl for contrasting black faucets and accent your tiles with bold grout. Don’t forget cozy textiles and towels to make the bathroom inviting.

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