Premium freestanding baths by Victoria Albert

Freestanding bathtubs come to mind when you think of modern interiors where space is limited. Elegant and minimalistic, premium baths from Victoria & Albert can fill any modern yet compact bathroom and easily allow for a long, relaxing soak. There are 5 premium models: amalfi, Ios, Naples, Revello and Sorrento. They all have a unique design and various features such as full head support, low step-in height and side-by-side bathing for two. All bathtubs have floor mounted faucets that can be placed anywhere near the bathtub. Victoria & Albert freestanding tubs could meet all the requirements and make bathing incredibly comfortable. [Via trendir, Victoria & Albert]

Premium Freestanding Bathtubs by Victoria & Albert - DigsDi
Vetralla |  Modern freestanding tub |  Victoria + Albert USA Note to.
Premium Freestanding Bathtubs by Victoria & Albert - DigsDi

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