Parisian Bathroom Decor Ideas

We’re Parisian style idiots! This is a beautiful combination of sophistication, vintage meets contemporary beauty and timeless elegance that always works. How do you create a space with Parisian flair in your home? We’ve already shared some Parisian style living room ideas, and today we’re going to take a look at the bathrooms.


If you want to bring Parisian style into your bathroom, go for black and white, neutral or maybe white and some dark accents. Don’t go too much with black or dark accents, add some of these for a contrasting look. If you prefer softer hues and looks, go neutral: cream, ivory, ocher, and other shades like these, but still add black or brown.

furniture / appliances

If you want to make a statement, a beautiful claw foot bath is your choice. You can also try a modern bathtub, an oval, or another shape if you prefer a more modern look. A shower room is also a good idea, style it in black and white, with a checkered floor or just some patterns. Let’s stay with the furniture now. This is a must have for any bathroom including a Parisian. Choose an elegant vintage vanity or console table, a stylish side table and maybe even some chairs or makeup tables – Parisian means sophistication, your bathroom shouldn’t just be a bathing area.


Parisian furniture is all about small but very chic decorations – artworks, sculptures, non-working (or even working!) fireplaces, chic statement mirrors. They can come in ornate or just elegant gilded frames. A beautiful and sophisticated chandelier is a must – it can be vintage or contemporary, it’s up to you, but there should be one. Get more ideas below and get inspired!

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