Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Ideas for painted kitchen cabinets

PAINTED KITCHEN CABINET IDEAS – So it happens that after a few years you want to paint your kitchen cabinet. We believe that this leads many people to opt for a white or gray cupboard kitchen in the first place.

The neutral colors of the kitchen cabinet may welcome new colors. This list discusses painted kitchen cabinets that you can make yourself to save on your budget. Or, you can just consider the suggestions before heading to the preferred hardware stores.

Peppy-painted kitchen cabinet

Peppy-painted kitchen cabinet ideas

Painting kitchen cabinets can top your to-do list for a kitchen overhaul. This inexpensive and experimental activity can bring you, your spouse, and even children together. Ask everyone to select appropriate cabinet pictures to apply the pictures.

Our first idea suggests you a fresh and young looking kitchen cabinet with the soft shade of green. The painting envelops the kitchen cupboard and the wall. You can see the lacquered kitchen cabinet filling almost every part of the kitchen.

It contains the drawers, the small cabinets, and the large ones on the left.

Dark lacquered kitchen cabinet


Some kitchens are experimenting with colors for contrasting themes. White and black are permanent contrasting colors that attract many people’s attention. The colors mean a good balance in life.

This kitchen applies this general idea. It applies white to the wall, the back splash, the extractor hood and the deck of the kitchen island. This kitchen varies dramatically with the black lacquered wooden plank kitchen cabinet.

In this way, the kitchen cabinet creates a dark or dramatic ambience that is enveloped in elegance. The kitchen cabinet completes the upper and lower part of the kitchen.

Soft lacquered kitchen cabinet


The kitchen cabinet in this picture chooses soft and light shades of gray for two important reasons. The special color creates light and peaceful feelings that stand out from the motif backsplash.

With this combination, the entire kitchen has a balanced design. As a soft variant, this kitchen chooses gray to delicate blue. We can say the kitchen doesn’t want to create a blue kitchen with a lacquered kitchen cabinet option.

The kitchen cupboard is divided into two parts, with the upper part looking slim thanks to the tall and shortened cupboards.

Kitchen cabinet with retouched lacquer finish


We know that for most of us, a very good wooden cabinet is a timeless choice. We don’t have the heart to paint the kitchen cupboard any other color than brown. This idea can detract from the rugged and natural tones emanating from the material.

Instead, choose a new shade of brown! Apply the shade of brown shown in this picture to freshen up the wooden kitchen cabinet. This simple idea transforms the kitchen cabinet into a young and new storage space, although you do not change the material.

The kitchen cabinet fills the top and bottom of the kitchen.

Brightly lacquered kitchen cabinet


We see a brave act in this kitchen. Some different colors make up the kitchen, which differs from the previous kitchen models. While the earlier examples choose pretty similar colors, the kitchen doesn’t go that way.

Blue covers the wooden kitchen cupboard. The color immediately enlivens the kitchen, as the area is usually kept in neutral colors; brown and gray. The kitchen cabinet can stimulate your mind while doing activities in the kitchen.

When you’ve got the extra paint, apply it to the range hood and swim board.

Neutral lacquered kitchen cabinet


A light shade of gray can lead to this neutral kitchen cabinet. The special shade is applied to the cabinets in the upper and lower part of the kitchen. We believe the special shade will go with the fridge and stove.

Basically, we can see that the kitchen uses almost the same shade of gray. This choice makes the kitchen a modern and comfortable area, despite the relatively narrow space that the kitchen takes up.

Like the earlier patterns, the kitchen cabinet is divided into small cabinets and drawers.

Excitingly painted kitchen cabinet


Another shade of green that you might want to try. This seventh idea is similar to our first recommendation. The point picks up further details as it applies between green and blue.

That leads to that exciting and lively ambience from the kitchen cupboard. The same color applies to the door and the window. In a white kitchen like this one, the lacquered kitchen cabinet provides the super fresh tone for the simple look of the kitchen.

Overall, the kitchen cabinet can store cooking utensils for plates and decorative dishes.

Cozy kitchen cabinet


The same shade of gray applies to this eighth kitchen cabinet after the sixth. We’ll call this a cozy painted kitchen cabinet later because of the overall cabinet design. The closet looks simpler and more homely.

The homely feeling relates to the small square cupboard with the glass covers. Inside you can display dishes and decorative ceramics. The model resembles a closet that we often find in living rooms.

Classically lacquered kitchen cabinet


The term “classic” for this kitchen cabinet depends on two things. White has long been associated with a classic tone. By the design of the kitchen cabinet, we can recognize the old fashioned model that stays cool in this modern era.

These are the two factors that best describe the kitchen cabinet as a classic storage model. The design looks great with the many curves. The glass covers show beautiful dishes or ceramics.

Incidentally, there are wooden cabinets in the upper part of the kitchen.

Cozy lacquered kitchen cabinet


With this special shade of brown, a sturdy wooden kitchen cabinet is transformed into a practical storage space. The kitchen furniture has creamy colors that create a relaxed feeling in this extravagant kitchen.

To keep the kitchen cabinets fresh, the kitchen chooses painting with a slightly shiny tone. With this choice, this overall kitchen is created in accordance with the modern design concept while maintaining the classic atmosphere.

Given the large area, the kitchen certainly needs the large kitchen cabinets in the upper and lower area.


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