Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Modern outdoor kitchen ideas

MODERN OUTDOOR KITCHEN IDEAS – Modern outdoor kitchen styles have identified with fresh and young looks that hope to keep up with current interior design. Many choose this model for the sake of simplicity and multifunctionality.

Lightweight material, minimal item selection and neutral colors are some of the clear characteristics of this style. Some variations are available for review. You can play with some of the sub-models in the list below to prove that the modern outdoor kitchen is not all about simplicity.

Spacious modern outdoor kitchen

Spacious modern outdoor kitchen

Some modern kitchen owners prefer their large outdoor kitchen to stay that way. Large kitchen appliances in minimal numbers play a key role in ensuring that fresh air can easily get into this type of outdoor kitchen.

This recommendation is a fine example for those of you with that goal in mind. Choose light wood furniture that will support this kitchen’s countertop. Choose medium-sized refrigerators and a gas stove.

A sink completes the kitchen equipment. Leave most of the countertop empty while placing kitchen utensils and food ingredients in the storage room.

Neutral modern outdoor kitchen


As mentioned earlier, a modern outdoor kitchen is closely associated with a neutral color. Simple colors such as black, white and gray are available for experiments. This tip focuses on gray furniture and white countertops.

Both go well together in this outdoor kitchen model. The gray furniture is made of wood. The choice leads to these light and fresh feelings. The white worktop contrasts with the cupboards, because gray ultimately looks dark.

The kitchen equipment remains stylish despite the small footprint. The gas stove acts as the main cooking tool.

Intelligent modern outdoor kitchen


A modern outdoor kitchen encourages us to use every space for this area. Take this example. The outdoor kitchen uses the wall. The outdoor kitchen consists of two-layer worktops that are attached to the wall.

That should be enough for the simple but functional outdoor kitchen. You can turn the outdoor kitchen into a long kitchen as this picture shows. Similar to a floating outdoor kitchen, the layers accommodate different objects.

The big green egg becomes the only cooking tool in this outdoor kitchen. Fill the countertop with spices, food ingredients, and fresh flowers as shown in the picture.

Concise modern outdoor kitchen


Have you seen this modern outdoor kitchen before? We found out. We think some of you may think this outdoor kitchen contains copies that we often see in an outdoor restaurant or garden party.

This outdoor kitchen is concise and functional. There are four tables that perform different tasks. Three large green eggs become the most important aspect of this outdoor kitchen. Use each of the large green eggs for different goals.

Use one of the tables to place dishes or meals. This style proves that you can choose a specific color as a theme.

Green modern outdoor kitchen


This modern outdoor kitchen floats in front of the wall and offers space for a more specific topic. We complete the style as a green, modern outdoor kitchen because the plants in this picture set up many vases.

More plants are set up in the outdoor kitchen than cooking utensils or cutlery. A large green egg, a tray of eating utensils, and two boxes of food ingredients are all we see.

The kitchen fills the lower level with some woodcuts. Other plants surround the floating kitchen model. I can’t say the kitchen reminds us of nature.

Simple modern outdoor kitchen


A modern outdoor kitchen can be as simple as this example. You can see that the outdoor kitchen contains only the bare essentials. No decorations such as flowers or plants can be seen in this outdoor kitchen. This example emphasizes the cooking function.

A large green egg, along with the gas stove, serves as a cooking tool. With the two tools you can grill, heat, bake bread and prepare various menus. Choose which one meets the most needs at certain times.

The countertop can hold food ingredients or spiced foods and drinks.

Catchy modern outdoor kitchen


An inexpensive modern outdoor kitchen shouldn’t make you look boring and plain. This picture shows that a modern outdoor kitchen can look stylish and catchy. If you look closely at the picture, you can take a few tips with you.

Choose a specific wooden house that can also serve as an outdoor kitchen. The example is inspired by Chinese architecture through the curved roof. The subtle cover protects a floating table and grill.

This is what you need to create a cool modern outdoor kitchen.

Camping modern outdoor kitchen


A modern outdoor camping kitchen offers a simple and inexpensive outdoor kitchen that you can try for yourself. You don’t necessarily have to be camping in the woods to experiment with this outdoor kitchen style.

The kitchen design essentially consists of two main aspects. You can see the higher desk, which doubles as the worktop for the gas stove. You can use the plastic cabinet under the countertop. The second part concerns the table where eating utensils can be collected.

Mobile modern outdoor kitchen


There were many recreational vehicles that were equipped with mobile kitchens. The proposal also shows a cute mobile kitchen that allows you to do basic activities like in an indoor kitchen at home.

The outdoor kitchen contains a small freezer, small gas stove, tiny sink, and two shelves for storing dishes, snacks, and more. Enough to have the nutrients you need on the go.

Efficient modern outdoor kitchen

Source: Cleather

Another example of a modern outdoor kitchen that places more emphasis on function and simplicity. This kitchen is based on wooden furniture for a smooth variation. That being said, the kitchen looks very common in today’s households.

The kitchen contains a sink in the countertop. A large green egg becomes the only cooking tool that sits on the special surface. A small freezer can keep food ingredients, snacks, drinks, and fruits fresh and cool.

Put all of the dishes, book recipes, and cooking utensils in the cabinets. This design makes this kitchen clean, minimalist and useful.


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