Minimalist home reclaimed wood

What if you mix up styles and use materials that aren’t typical? You get a wonderful home with lots of character! This home from Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy is a relevant example. The place was renovated and rebuilt in 2019 by Outlinestudio74. It has a minimalist design but is also clad in reclaimed wood typically found in rustic homes and the result is stunning.

The designer achieved this beautiful combination by combining reclaimed wood from old barns with local stone throughout the home. This immediately adds more than a century of rich history to the space, giving it a unique, warm and very welcoming feel not often seen in minimalist spaces.

The house has an entrance hall, kitchen, dining area, living room with access to a large outdoor terrace, master bedroom plus two further bedrooms and additional bathrooms. Large windows bring the beautiful colors of nature into the rooms and create a strong connection between indoor and outdoor living. The windows also offer great views that are partially obscured by all the conifers that surround the house, yet remain visible and amazing. I also like the use of built-in lights throughout the house: they fill the rooms with light and don’t look moody, although the reclaimed wood is rather dark.

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