Mannish Poggenpohl Kitchen Designed by Porsche

Poggenpohl P’7340 Poggenpohl’s kitchen is aimed exclusively at men. It’s design by Porsche. The aluminum kitchen can be paired with either gorgeous driftwood or stunning dark oak that really create main attractions.

A special highlight of the Poggenpohl Porsche Design kitchen is the fact that all cabinets can be opened without handles: a gentle touch of the finger opens pull-out elements and drawers thanks to built-in high-precision systems, while a light pressure is enough for them all to retract and turn, the last few centimeters are automatically returned to their original position. A touch mechanism is also used on doors and hatches: touching the front activates a spacer pin that mechanically moves a door forward a few inches. The lack of handles emphasizes the uncompromising, clean lines of the furniture. As an alternative to this solution, functional handlebar grips made of brushed aluminum are also available. The kitchen also features a high tech audio video system. All kitchen appliances are manufactured exclusively by Miele.

This makes the kitchen a novelty in the luxury men’s accessories brand Prosche Design.

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