Living Room Rug Ideas

Ideas for living room carpets

LIVING ROOM CARPET IDEAS – A rug is an easy way to decorate a living room. Solid or patterned, there are many options for buying a rug to suit your budget. As an online store grows, you can even order a specific model.

Do you know that there are some types of carpets that work best if you study them a little? Some convey bigger tasks than just decorating a room. Below are some types of carpets that can be a basic element of your living room decor.

Living room carpet made of wool

Living room carpet made of wool

A wool rug is one of the most common carpets we see on the market. Wool material feels soft and warm. This material is a good choice for children as their skin is sensitive. Putting one of the carpet ideas in the living room can bring children and parents together.

With a medium-sized wool rug, as shown in the picture, you can sit or lie down with your children to teach them the number of alphabets. Or you just play with them on the wool carpet.

Here you can buy a large wool rug to invite little nieces or cousins.

Living room carpet made of natural fibers

Natural fiber carpet is another carpet material that we can easily find in the market. This rug is typically used in a casual, classic living room. However, it looks more formal than a wool rug. You can put the natural fiber carpet under a sofa or a chair.

Or place it in front of the couch or chair as shown in the picture so that all family members and friends can take a seat on the carpet. The natural fiber usually has neutral colors that adapt to different living space models.

Patterned living room carpet

Simple or colorful living room, a patterned carpet is enough. No matter what material you choose carpet for, a patterned carpet means a living room decoration. Just look at the color of the patterned carpet.

Since there are many patterned rugs out there in terms of color and design, you should have a good taste to mix them with the entire living room. A patterned carpet with a neutral color, as the picture shows, goes well with the living room painted blue.

A general tip is to choose a patterned rug with neutral colors like white, brown, or black so the room doesn’t look too “noisy”.

Carpet in the living room with hair

Who can’t resist throwing bodies on this carpet? At least children can’t. Very mild and pleasant. The hair-on-skin rug has a natural texture that makes your living room extra cozy.

So it’s no wonder that you can put pillows on the carpet. You can think of the carpet as an “extended sofa”. You can be sure that the carpet will bring kids together with their nieces when all large family members show up for large family events such as weddings.

The fourth of all living room carpet ideas aims to include your family in intimate moments.

Synthetic living room carpet

Synthetic tug looks natural and casual. This rug goes well with a beautiful and modern living room, as seen in the picture. The synthetic fiber is also soft and supple. The synthetic carpet is usually stain-, wear- and abrasion-resistant.

It’s also durable and colorful. Therefore, you can choose which synthetic carpet will best suit your living room model. Choose a neutral synthetic rug if your living room tone is already usable.

On the contrary, if necessary, use patterned synthetic carpets to spice up the living room if the living room seems too simple to you.

Carpet pads for the living room

Sometimes all you need is a simple rug for your living room. Carpet upholstery doesn’t play an essential decoration for the living room, but doesn’t mean it has no goals. In a simple living room model, as seen in the picture, carpet cushions add a nice touch when they go with the couch.

In addition, the carpet cushions can be placed under furniture such as a desk, table or even a couch. With this arrangement, the carpet cushions can extend their life. You can sit in glass, plate or for a while.

Solid color or colorful carpet upholstery is quite easy to find.

Living room carpet made of cotton

Similar to some previous types of rugs, a cotton rug offers a delicate shade for your living room. Cotton carpet applies to other parts of the house, not just the living room. The type of carpet enhances a certain living room tone if it matches the color of the main furniture.

With various cotton rugs available in the market, you can choose one that doesn’t cost that much. Another plus is that the affordable price of the rug allows you to buy some cotton rugs for the other pieces unless you are looking for highly skilled ones.

Industrial living room carpet style

Consider the industrial carpet style for your minimalist living room. This model of carpet is simple and usable, but sometimes not stylish. Nevertheless, you can benefit from the carpet model. It includes a sofa set, table and desk, which makes the furniture last longer.

The industrial carpet style also makes the living room look clean. And of course you can place small items here. The good news is that the rug is easy to clean. The eighth of the entire living room carpet ideas doesn’t cost as much as mass production.

Global living room carpet style

We call it the ninth of the entire living room rug ideas with global rug style because we can find this rug in many countries. This classic old style rug is loved by many people from many countries.

The carpet style is reminiscent of the golden era in the Middle East, Africa or Arab regions. Elegant and eye-catching, the carpet color easily attracts attention. You can place the rug style in almost any type of floor.

Geometric living room carpet

We’ll leave you a geometric rug that looks firm and cool. Since there are many geometric sizes, choose one that you like the most. Also bring carpeting that best suits your needs.

If you want to put your children on it, choose a soft and warm wool material. Or you can play with colors that go well with the overall tone of the living room.


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