Lamps jewelry and geometry

Many different and sometimes unusual things can inspire a designer. Inspired by geometry and to some extent architecture, the piece we’re sharing today is Alysoid by Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada.

Alysoid is an arch that was widely used in many architectural creations, including the works of Gaudi. This collection of hanging lamps realizes this concept: it is the curve formed by a flexible chain suspended at its endpoints. The chains themselves are made up of small balls, which are more commonly seen in fashion and jewelry design. As the light touches the hanging bracelets, a charming atmosphere is created by an ocean of ever-changing and moving shimmers. A volume of air and light fills the space within the suspension, allowing people to see through the installation and ensure the design is fully integrated with the interior. The result is a unique lamp with a decorative feel that creates an interplay of texture, air and light.

The Alysoid light consists of an anthracite gray aluminum structure with a high-power LED at its heart. In addition to a choice of chains in shiny black nickel or natural brass, the lighting composition consists of four different models: small, medium or two large versions.

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