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Kitchen Recessed Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Recessed Lighting Ideas

Ideas for recessed lighting in the kitchen

Built-in kitchen lights – Recessed kitchen lights are by definition a lighting concept that pays more attention to kitchens with low ceilings. However, you will find that most of these styles use lightbulbs or lamps of specific shapes.

Recessed lighting or decorative lighting is called a built-in light in the kitchen. It can be called hidden lighting as the style is arranged as a unit with a ceiling. For us, the specific lighting style can help keep the kitchen simple and functional.

If you’re wondering about examples of recessed lighting in the kitchen, check out our picks below.

Simple built-in kitchen lighting

Simple built-in kitchen lighting
Source: kitchen.healthymarriagesgr.org

In our previous articles we used the term “built-in” a lot. The term has the same meaning as the term “built-in lights for the kitchen”, which we will deal with in this reading. The two refer to lamps or lightbulbs that are placed in a unit with the kitchen ceiling.

Our first idea relates to the circular lighting that will be built into the ceiling. The lighting consists of a few large lamps that are well distributed in the kitchen. After switching on, the lighting is sufficient for activities in the area.

The large light bulbs make it easy for us to spot them.

Diamond-Like Trim Kitchen recessed light

Diamond-Like Trim Kitchen recessed light
Source: skvl.me.

The built-in light in the kitchen is not just about round lamps or light bulbs. This suggestion shows that you can choose the geometry you prefer as a recessed lighting for the kitchen. This time the shape is diamond-like.

In fact, the built-in lighting uses squares, but the picture looks like the lighting is copying the diamond idea. Each of the diamond-like covers contains a large lamp that can create bright rays for the large kitchen.

The built-in lighting does not work alone. There is the beautiful pendant lamp that supports the installation work.

Large fitted kitchen built-in light

Large fitted kitchen built-in light
Source: asdinteriors.com

We call this a large recessed light for the kitchen because the large light bulb looks a little thicker than the ceiling. We can only see this built-in light from this incomplete picture.

The recessed light works with the crystal-like pendant light that falls over the sink. The large recessed kitchen light can provide strong rays for the entire kitchen. The two lighting models produce bright rays.

The bar contrasts with the kitchen with gray as the theme color.

Fine Trim Kitchen recessed lights

Fine Trim Kitchen recessed lights
Source: elledecor.com

This kitchen uses a fine built-in kitchen light that is installed in the lowest part of the entire ceiling unit. You can see that the ceiling unit consists of a few layers. The built-in lamp is in the ceiling part that is closest to the countertop.

The recessed light consists of the four small light bulbs that are wrapped in glass covers. The covers form a circular shape. When switched on, the lamps create a bright cone of light and are then intensified by the glass covers.

Thanks to the black and white color of the kitchen, the bar can shine best.

Raw kitchen recessed light

Raw kitchen recessed light
Source: soflokitchenremodeling.com

As mentioned earlier, built-in lighting in the kitchen is not limited to hidden lighting. Since this lighting concept applies to low ceilings, you can choose other formats that are sufficient to illuminate your kitchen with low ceilings.

This outdoor kitchen uses the small lightbulbs that lie next to each other in a long string. The small light bulbs extend from left to right and remain empty without any cover.

The lighting is not hidden at all. That’s enough for the outdoor kitchen with a low ceiling.

Double Trim Kitchen recessed lighting concept

Double Trim Kitchen built-in lighting concept
Source: decorits.com

Another built-in lighting concept that might interest you. The recessed lighting concept uses double lamps within a sub-unit. There are two sub-units that can be displayed in this picture.

You can also see that the sub-units are covered by the small rectangular metal covers. Nevertheless, the entire lighting appears concise and simple. The lighting concept goes very well with the kitchen.

The lighting does a very good job of keeping the kitchen simple and spacious.

Unique built-in kitchen light

Unique built-in kitchen light
Source: morgantewilson.com

Our seventh recommendation looks very unique. Instead of being built into the kitchen ceiling, this recessed luminaire is attached to the metal secondary ceiling. The “secondary ceiling” is dedicated to the kitchen only.

The lighting consists of the small built-in lamps that can create bright rays. The metal ceiling helps highlight the beam for the kitchen and even the living room across from the kitchen.

Since this kitchen uses the luminous countertop and table, the beam will be even brighter.

Recessed kitchen light with perforated screen

Recessed kitchen light with perforated screen
Source: citycollegeinc.com

Name this built-in kitchen light inspired by pinholes. The term “pin-hole-inspired” naturally refers to the built-in small lamps that are built into the ceiling of the outdoor kitchen.

If you look closely at the lighting, you can see that each of the lamps is covered by the thick black hole. This concept emphasizes the luminaire to create rays for the kitchen.

Flashlight fitted kitchen light

Flashlight fitted kitchen light
Source: Coastalliving.com

This cavernous kitchen does a good job of keeping the entire kitchen natural and simple, which is what the term “cave” reminds us of. The lighting takes shape in the one long pendant lamp that is inspired by a flashlight.

The lighting is located directly above the kitchen table. We believe the table will be used as a dining or mini-dining room. The beam created by the lighting can reach the main kitchen thanks to the beige painted wall.

Luminous built-in kitchen light

Luminous built-in kitchen light
Source: kitchencollaboration.com

Again, you can use pendant lights for your kitchen with a low ceiling. This picture suggests using a sleek and simple recessed lighting style. This helps keep the kitchen spacious.

The three pendant lights that are clad with the light brown ceilings hang in the kitchen. Once lit, the lamps can create bright rays that can shine throughout the kitchen. The built-in lamp naturally helps with work.

The pendant light goes well in the kitchen, which uses a dark brown backsplash with the luminous worktop and table.

Which built-in kitchen light do you like to bring into your kitchen?

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