How to recreate the barn style at home

Rustic, cozy, charming – that’s how you can describe a barn house. But not having a barn in your home doesn’t mean you can’t have this style the way you normally would. How to create a beautiful interior in a stable style? We have prepared some tips for you and some examples showing how these ideas can be applied. Let’s take a look.

Buffalo check

Classic prints, most often buffalo check, are one of the most popular ideas for country and barn style rooms. This is a very rustic print that you can try. You can rock it in neutral tones or go for traditional black and white. Buffalo Check can be incorporated into your decor with a variety of textiles: curtains and tablecloths, bedspreads and linens, rugs and upholstery. This is a very simple and budget friendly idea to add a print to the room and you can always switch up textiles.

trestle furniture

Trestles – Desks, consoles and dining tables are great for adding a rustic flair to your room. They are very easy to use and look very barn-like. Also, these old school pieces are now making a big comeback and you can see many modern day designers adding legs like this to their creations. Once you’ve decided on a trestle dining table, mix it up with wicker or woven chairs or even wooden benches for a harmonious look.

Brick or stone fireplaces

It is impossible to imagine a rustic room without a fireplace! To give your interior a barnhouse feel, opt for a brick or stone fireplace and stone or wood cladding. If you put such a fireplace in the living room, dining area or bedroom, a strong, cozy feeling is guaranteed. Add various rustic decorations to the mantel, place candles, and mark the wall above the fireplace with reclaimed wood.

Lots of wood

Nothing can be more rustic and barn-like than lots of wood – any light, dark or saturated color will do. You can use it on the floors, ceilings, walls to make beams and furniture. By the way, wooden beams are a great idea to give any room a cozy atmosphere. If you don’t have one, you can always add fake ones. You can opt for all-wood looks to make the space super comfortable. Many barns have wood paneling throughout and look great.

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