Hide Mess Eyesores

Every house has a lot of eye pain that can spoil the whole look. I want to share some super easy and cool life hacks that will help you cover up or somehow fix that eye pain without spending a lot of money or time. Most of these ideas can easily be made by yourself.

laundry baskets and trash cans

Usual laundry baskets are rather ugly and can spoil any bathroom look. Store your laundry baskets in extra deep drawers that perfectly match your bathroom, laundry or even bedroom decor and you will forget about it.

The same can be done with an ugly trash can. You can make a special cabinet for it, or hide it in one of the kitchen cabinets, or just cover it to match your interior.

Routers, AC units, switchboards and alarm systems

Routers and alarm systems can be pretty ugly, and who wants to watch them all day? Realize some very simple DIY projects to hide them. For example, you can take spines of books and glue them together to create a secret storage space. Place your router in it. Alarm systems and control panels on the walls can be hidden with various memo boards, paintings, gallery walls and just photos and paintings you like.

We’re pretty sure you can easily cover your AC unit with a screen or box on the outside, but what about the inside? It’s harder because you shouldn’t be preventing it from working and it should look cool. Make a carved veneer screen, frame it with a cabinet, add a board or magnet or slide board to remove if necessary.

domestic appliances

If your devices aren’t looking their best, you can always freshen them up with masking tape or chalkboard paint. Stainless steel contact paper can add style to any device, and wallpaper or washi tape can make them look happier. Let your imagination run wild.

cables and wires

Cables can be hidden in many different ways, it’s entirely up to you. You can put them in a container, box or drawer. If it’s impossible to hide the ugly cords, turn them into beautiful cords, covering them with large wooden beads and fabric.

Turn wires into wall art with wire flower clips. You can create an entire wall art using wires when there is no way to hide them and they add a modern flair to your interior.


An ugly built-in bathtub can easily be covered with air stone, wood, plywood, tile, or anything else you see fit.

Pet feeding stations

Hide your pet feeding station and essentials in a closet to keep everything looking neat and stylish. You can use your kitchen island or another kitchen cabinet to add a feeding station there.

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