Hausmannian Minimalist Apartment

Nicolas Schuybroek Architects renovate and redesign this Haussmannian apartment in Paris. This renovation exudes timeless architectural truth and embraces Wagner’s idea of ​​designing the entire project from architecture to the smallest decorative details. The monochromatic color palette, the use of natural materials and the choice of furniture by architect fetishist Pierre Jeanneret ensure an overall understated appearance and peaceful ambiance. Let’s take a closer look at the rooms.

The designers left the existing molding to emphasize that it is an elegant, sophisticated and chic homestead with traditional white walls for such apartments. Parquet was also done to show off the style present, but the rest of the apartment is fairly contemporary or even minimal.

Furniture is chic and minimalist, and a gorgeous gray curved sofa softens the living room. Rich tones of wood, leather and other materials soften the spaces, which are executed in a very minimal color palette. The lamps are black with a very laconic look, black door frames and faucets make the rooms look cool and very contemporary. Check out the apartment and steal some ideas to make yours super elegant too!

Hausmannian Minimalist Style Apartment - DigsDi
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