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We’re all used to seeing stainless steel refrigerators, but the latest kitchen trend isn’t about them. The most edgy idea is refrigerators with glass doors. Should you follow the trend and get one for your space right now, or just skip this idea? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you decide.


  1. A feeling of openness. Like glass-fronted cabinets, clear refrigerator doors help visually expand a kitchen and reduce the weight of a traditional fixed-fronted model. They are particularly suitable for modern kitchens.
  2. Additional display area. A glass fridge is essentially like a freezer. Display your collections of tableware and glassware artfully filled with fruit, vegetables, beverages and other goods. These are works of art in the kitchen.
  3. extra light. The inner glow of a glass door refrigerator can help brighten up a dark corner. Just be mindful of the cast — a cool blue LED light, for example, may conflict with a warm kitchen. Many models allow you to turn the light off or leave it on.
  4. You can quickly inventory supplies without opening the doors and fumbling around. By keeping the content tidy, you can see at a glance what you have and what you’re missing.
  5. Compared to metals like stainless steel, glass door refrigerators don’t dent or scratch easily, especially if you use a soft towel or gentle glass cleaner. Their shine will keep them looking brand new for years to come.
  6. Glass door refrigerators come in a variety of glass panels, from high-gloss colored glass to frosted glass to stainless steel doors with clear glass window inserts.


  1. Unless you’re very tidy with the contents of your fridge, you’ll be staring at a mess, so transparency can be a disadvantage. Put in a little more effort to coordinate the bins and other content and create a responsive package. Or simply choose models in matte, ribbed or smoked finishes that strike a balance between transparency and exposure.
  2. Do you think stainless steel is difficult to keep clean? It has nothing on glass. Every stain, fingerprint and splash is visible, so you need to regularly wipe the refrigerator door carefully. Also keep in mind that interior shelving looks best when immaculate, which requires extra elbow grease.
  3. Loss of door bearing. Those handy bins on the door of most standard fridges are not an option with glass. You must find an alternative way to store butter, spices and other items.
  4. These models come at an amazing price. The cheapest are around $1,500, but some can cost $10,000 or more.

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