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Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom ideas for girls

BEDROOM IDEAS FOR GIRLS – Girls bedroom models come from what they love, want and dream. Soft colors, boring linens, and small decorations usually fill their bedrooms. The girls’ room looks tidier and more organized than that of the boys.

Aside from the three basics, girls’ rooms can symbolize their personality, future jobs, and hobbies. As girls grow up, their bedrooms can change depending on their changed attitudes and perspectives. Here are our 10 looks for girls’ rooms.

Beautiful girls bedroom

Beautiful girls bedroom
Source: fourcheekymonkeys.com

Shared girls’ rooms like this bring girls together to share stories before bed. This bedroom style can help cement the bond between everyone. Each of the beds looks so pretty and cute, the smallest one is for the youngest girl.

Pink, yellow and tosca are among the bright colors that fill the bedroom. The bedroom is not adequately furnished in view of the three-bed set. The white wall of the bedroom has brown dots and the beach painting, among other things.

There are two cute desks to place the doll and the small decorations.

Fantastic girls bedroom

Fantastic girls bedroom
Source: freshome.com

Another shared bedroom for girls. This time, this bedroom chooses a two-story bed set concept. Apply white as the main color for the bedroom. The neutral color creates a clean feel that can later switch to other colors.

The bedroom has brightly colored blankets and pillows that can certainly improve the girls’ mood. What attracts us most is the butterfly wallpaper and decoration. They can entertain girls’ hearts when they’re feeling down.

Don’t forget to set up the windows for good ventilation. This bedroom is suitable for teenage girls. Here they can sleep, talk to each other and learn.

Fairytale girl’s room

Fairytale girl's room
Source: Pixelsolz.com

Little girls have to get used to hearing fairy tales. Reading aloud before bed will help expand your fantasies and creativity. You can go even further by creating a fairytale girl’s room like this one.

The bedroom looks like they are beautiful princesses who live in a beautiful park. You can buy the park wallpaper to produce the landscape. Then choose two small bed sets like this one with a pink hue.

Add the wooden hut to the bed as follows to make the beds more attractive. The bedroom keeps the minimalist look with the small furniture in the room.

Girl’s room inspired by nature

Girl's room inspired by nature
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Share good things with your little girls. One of them is about nature. Consider creating a nature-inspired girls room like this one so they will love the great outdoors. You can get the natural taste from the wallpaper.

There are the plants, big and small, in the bedroom. In order not to bore your daughter, design the bedroom with different furniture such as the cute chair, bed and open shelves.

The pink curtain, blanket, and pillows appeal to your daughter’s girly side, which you can easily bring out in this bedroom.

Unique girl’s bedroom

Unique girl's bedroom
Source: centimetdecor.com

This example appears to be unique in at least two ways. We don’t see this bed arrangement often. Each of the bed sets are in this particular order, which can save a lot of space.

The bedroom is suitable for teenage girls. The arrangement of the bed sets enables them to talk to each other about private or shared matters. The blankets look cute. The ceiling motif reminds us so much Batik Motive.

Instead of pink or yellow, the ceiling chooses black and gray. For feminine accents, the bedroom relies on a light blue color with very few ornaments.

Soft girl’s bedroom

Soft girl's bedroom
Source: homeideasblog.com

Here too, pink is the first choice for girls’ rooms for almost all age groups. The bedroom chooses, among other things, the color for the blankets, pillow cases and curtains.

The choice definitely makes the bedroom very soft and feminine. To make it even more delicate, the bedroom wall is painted a super mild shade of brown. Lively aromas come from the wall decorations, which also appear soft.

The close placement of the bed hopes the girls will share many things with each other as they grow up together.

Creative girls bedroom

Creative girls bedroom
Source: abbywasserman.com

Our next example is for girls out there who look wild. You love pink but don’t want to move into a bedroom that feels very girly. The pink taste remains strong in this bedroom, which is accompanied by the rich taste in the furnishings and decoration.

The geometric wallpaper and boxes make the bedroom look like a freestyle. There is also the cute seating set and the floating wooden shelf. They all contribute to a creative bedroom that is safe to rest in comfort.

The girls can also study in the bedroom during the day and night.

Lively girl’s bedroom

Lively girl's bedroom
Source: triathletetreats.com

Blue becomes the second choice if pink is too girlish for your daughters. This bedroom chooses the light shade of blue which creates a lively and enthusiastic taste. They instantly help improve the girls’ mood.

The other side of the bedroom wall is covered with a variation of the chic wallpaper. The bedroom keeps the space simple with the open shelves for displaying the plants and books. The white carpet has space for friends who drop by for a quick visit.

Fancy girl’s bedroom

Fancy girl's bedroom
Source: liltrapdog.com

A high ceiling with a short bed creates a spacious feeling in this bedroom. The bedroom chooses a super soft pink that feels romantic. The bedroom keeps the minimalist appearance with some furniture and ornaments.

There are the little decorations, from the boxes to the chairs, all of which look very cute. The pink rug offers space for a few friends to chat in the bedroom after school.

Refreshed girl’s bedroom

Refreshed girl's bedroom
Source: cuckoo4design.com

This bedroom knows very well how to keep up with the latest decorations. Just look at the star-shaped lighting and the rocking chair. The two are enough to make the bedroom so modern and modern.

No small ornaments are needed to decorate the bedroom. The blue painting on the bedroom wall makes the room soft and cozy. There is a large rug that can accommodate many other girls visiting the bedroom to chat or study together.

What a trendy bedroom!

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