Functional dining tables

In our modern world we demand functionality and cool designs of furniture and dining tables are no exception. Who needs a regular dining table when you can have a desk and dining table in one, a folding dining table and even tables to play with. Some dining tables make such a bold statement that they can easily become the focal point of any room. Let me introduce some of the coolest dining table designs. I am sure you will love it.

Sapienstone Smart Slab by Kram / Weisshaar is a new composite table that integrates Iris Ceramica’s heating, cooling and motion-sensing technology directly into oversized ceramic slabs. Circular heating elements are located just below the guest plates, keeping them at an exact temperature of 42.5°C. Meanwhile, cooling elements are strategically placed along the table to keep champagne bottles perfectly chilled.

Designed for elegant dining, the juggler table is the modern interpretation of a dining table by SAYAR & GARIBEH from Beirut, inspired by Lebanese culture, cuisine and tradition. The dining table is free from excess, unnecessary space while still being able to fulfill its core function: sharing food for a group of people. Standing on white marble legs, the juggler table features ceramic tops and bowls of various sizes and heights, sitting flush within a cloud-like frame.

Duffy London has added a dining table to the Abyss collection. The dynamic object is made of glass and high-quality wood from forests managed by the Forest Stewardship Council. It’s both a conversation piece and a functional one. The arrangement of multiple layers of stacked glass and wood composite panels reproduces the dramatic depths of an indigo ocean, creating a geological cross-section as intriguing as the sea itself.

Design student Austeja Platukyte created the SWALLOW table to bring people together. The clever design is ready for your own table setting with built in slots for a tablecloth. The linen cloth goes through two slits near the ends of the table and comes with steel rods at both ends to keep it nice and taut. The bars slide out to allow the cloth to detach when you want it.

Industrial furniture from everyday life was the inspiration for Atlas, a table from Sheffield. The strong steel structure is softened by the natural solid oak tabletop. The bespoke steel frame of the legs, into which each component effortlessly snaps into place, allows for quick assembly or disassembly of the table in minutes. The table can be used as a desk or dining table because its design is universal.

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining table is an important piece of furniture. When we’re not eating, we’re working or the kids are doing homework, so we’re constantly pacing between our different needs. What we need is a great table that meets all needs. Talk about multifunctionality – the Table for Two designed by Daniel Liss combines multiple functions into one. It serves not only as a desk for two people, but also as a spacious dining table for six people.

This is a cool twist for any city apartment – picNYC table by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten. The table is made of aluminum with a unique tabletop – it is covered with green lawn grass. What can be more natural than some food on the grass? It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a meal and a piece of real nature. The grass needs to be well taken care of and if neglected it can give the house a depressing look! Being organic, it also rots and is spoiled. Green revolution will come to every home!

Designer Stelios Mousarris envisioned the famous 2010 film Inception at a dining table. The Limited Edition consists of steel, wood and 3D components and features hand-painted color techniques. It is 250 cm long, 76 cm high and 150 cm wide. A glass surface on the undulating S-shaped unit serves as a table top for users to dine on.

Benjamin Nordsmark’s Labyrinth Table was created to show how a familiar object like a table can be given an extra dimension by creating a small universe within it. The maze consists of multiple walls under a diamond glass pane, and inside are six distinctive figures that can be moved using handles underneath.

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