Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas

Ideas for the kitchen island on the farm

FARMHOUSE KITCHEN ISLAND IDEAS – The concepts of the farmer’s kitchen islands value natural materials, soft colors and simple design. This follows from the interior decoration of farmhouses in general.

This particular kitchen island model isn’t just limited to large or rural kitchens. You can put this kitchen island style into practice for your modern kitchens. Check out the list below to see how you can make this style a reality.

Premium farmhouse kitchen island ideas

Premium farmhouse kitchen island ideas

This kitchen island concept, from the countertop material to the overall design, is a great example of what a luxury kitchen island looks like on a farm. This kitchen island chooses brown marble from natural stone as a natural source of luminous tones.

The worktop is solid and of high quality and is suitable for washing dirty dishes, fruit and vegetables. The kitchen island uses expensive wooden materials for the column of the stand. The stand includes a drawer and a chest for storing items.

The marble and wood materials best represent the natural solidity found in nature. This kitchen island underlines the existing glamorous look of this kitchen.

Seductive farmer’s kitchen island


Our focus is directly on brown and white marble that becomes the countertop of this kitchen island. We find this marble to be quite unique. The marble made of natural stone looks fresh and strong.

If you look at the entire kitchen island, you quickly notice that the concept with the themed colors brown and white fits the overall picture of the kitchen. Interesting enough to note that the kitchen island adopts the simple concept.

This can be seen from the kitchen island, which only has the sink. You can use the remaining space later to place purchases after shopping.

Conventional farmer’s kitchen island


You likely see this kitchen island a lot. Several mini restaurants serve as the kitchen island for this rustic kitchen. This kitchen island also shows you another way to recycle used furniture.

You can use used furniture or look for one at an antique market. You can find the pattern on the wooden stand or the column, which is painted blue. You can either change the wood countertop or not.

Complete the kitchen island with wooden chairs that look traditional and natural like in this picture.

Kitchen island in shabby chic style


Like the third idea, this kitchen island invites you to recycle old wood. Instead of blue, the memory is painted white. Use this step to get your planned shabby chic kitchen island off to a great start.

Then use blue and white marble as the countertop for this kitchen island. This countertop looks beautiful and classic, another important element for the kitchen island in shabby chic.

With this old wood storage element, the kitchen island also looks vintage. Prepare a cup of hot coffee or brownies to entertain friends who drop by.

Simple farm kitchen island


Bring the kitchen island of a farmhouse into your modern kitchen. You don’t necessarily need a large budget for this concept. Another benefit is that this design can be placed in a small or narrow kitchen.

For a modern country house tone, choose the wood material shown in this picture. The wood material looks minimalist and graceful. Place white marble on top of the wooden column or stand as a countertop.

The countertop can hold a tray of biscuits and cups of hot coffee before being carried into the living room.

Rustic farm kitchen island


This modern kitchen did a great job bringing rustic material into a coffee bar design that is mostly found in many modern kitchens. On this kitchen island you can see the high quality of the wood materials.

In addition, the kitchen island uses raw stones as pillars or stones for the countertop. With a sink, this kitchen island can be used to wash dirty cups or glasses after serving hot tea or chocolate to friends.

In a rustic ambience, the entire kitchen tone brings strong peasant colors into the modern area.

Catchy farmer’s kitchen island


You can still use this special farmer’s kitchen island over wood. There is a rounded wooden kitchen island. That is enough for the corresponding amount of rustic elements in this traditional kitchen.

This kitchen island looks fair, neither big nor small. This countertop can be used to place fruit or spices for cutting while sitting in a chair. After all of the meals are ready to serve, place them all in a tray on the countertop.

Just use a large tray of dinner so you don’t have to choose every menu.

Neutral farmer’s kitchen island


As this kitchen has a strong rustic style, there is no need for bulky furniture or appliances made from natural elements. A light wooden table, as seen in this picture, is enough for the tone of a farmhouse in this kitchen.

This kitchen island serves as a worktop and open storage room. Do not hesitate to get to know this kitchen island. For the top layer, you can place fruit and cookies so the kids can eat them right after school. The lower shelf holds clean plates and glasses.

Watch out for dust as this open storage won’t protect you from dust.

Vintage farm kitchen island


Some farm kitchen islands can look old-fashioned and glamorous. Take this picture as an example. This kitchen island uses solid and expensive wooden materials as the pillars of the stand. The countertop is made of marble, which brings a fresh and luminous tone.

Under the worktop you can see ceramics as a decoration for this kitchen. Use drawers to keep private documents or bills. This kitchen island is resourceful and graceful in general in appearance.

Modern farmer’s kitchen island


Our final recommendation is similar to the eighth tip in that they both use lightweight wood materials. The difference lies in the design of the wooden kitchen island. This tip offers you a modern or updated version of that in the eighth idea.

Also, in our last suggestion, the kitchen is modern. You can practice the concept of the kitchen island if you’re looking for one that can serve as a mini dining set. You can even dry wet towels on the kitchen island. This kitchen island looks so cozy.


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