Fall coffee table decor ideas

Autumn has come, so don’t forget to decorate your house not only outside but also inside. Everyone has a coffee table in their living room, so decorate it this fall. It is very easy to make it look autumnal and cozy with table fires, pumpkins in jars, flowers, nuts and other natural things. Gather some leaves from outdoors and use them as decorations – or just buy fake leaves and decorate them. Add glitter and candles and you’re done! Below you will find different ideas in different styles – modern, rustic, minimalist and traditional, enjoy and be inspired!

styles and colors

You can also customize your fall coffee table decor to match the decor of the room and the colors. The most popular ideas are farmhouse decor and a neutral color palette, although you can have whatever you want. Choose the details and containers for your arrangements in this style and colour.


This is a fall coffee table must-have – there’s no fall without pumpkins! Rock natural, for example large heirlooms – just stack them on the table and your decor is ready! You can also play with textures and colors painting the pumpkins or choose artificial textures made of pretty fabric like velvet. You can place gourds in bowls, trays, on stands, and use other containers and holders to suit your decorating style.

greenery and blossoms

Green gives your coffee table a fresh touch. So be sure to use it – fake or real. Flowers in pots and floral arrangements, especially in fall colors, add a cozy, rustic feel to the space. You can also use a very trendy idea – dried herbs, leaves and flowers, which are very popular for decadent fall decorations and last a long time.

Different decor

What else can you use to create a cozy fall feel in the room? First of all, candles that give the room a warming and welcoming feel prefer fall scents to create an ambiance. Secondly, these can be signs and works of art with an autumn feel. Thirdly, you can use different vintage products like vases, pots, books and more natural decorations like pine cones or acorns. Artificial vegetables, berries and fruits indicate a harvest and will last longer than natural ones. Don’t forget fall leaves! They are a must for fall decor.

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