Fairy lights for children’s rooms

Fairy lights are the number one idea to create a welcoming and cozy ambience in any room. They come in many shapes, colors and manifestations with both cold and warm light and, unlike candles, are very inexpensive and safe. What can be better to decorate a child’s room? Literally nothing! Today we share the coolest examples of incorporating fairy lights into kids’ rooms. Let’s take a look.


The coolest idea is to add fairy lights to the sleeping zone: they make the sleeping area more cozy, welcoming and can be used instead of night lights. Hang the fairy lights over the bed or on the wall next to the bed and add some photos to make it more personal. When a canopy adds fairy lights, the bed becomes dreamy. String lights can be used to create various signs, installations and artworks – it’s up to you and your child. You can also opt for an interesting chalkboard art wall, let your kid make chalk and then add lights. You can also try different fairy lights – star-shaped, vintage, spherical and cat-shaped to match the room decor. Get creative!

reading / games room

Another good idea is to light up the reading/playing room with fairy lights. It will inspire your kids to sit there and maybe read. If there’s a teepee, add lights, if not – just hang them over the corner. String lights make the room inviting and add light necessary for reading. You can also make some fun pieces like stars and crescents out of fairy lights – there are many DIYs out there so you can easily make them.

Other ideas

Some other ideas can include highlighting different parts of the room: storage, closets, toy shelves, bookshelves, and seating or play areas. The idea is simple, just hang the lights in this room, try different shapes and appearances of the string lights, such as star-shaped, many children love them. Be inspired by the following ideas and make your child’s room more inviting.

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