Eye Catchy Shadow Inspired drinks cabinet

Inspired by a trip to Japan and traditional Japanese furniture, Hugh Miller Furniture has created a one-of-a-kind beverage cabinet that is sure to amaze.

The designers spent approximately 1000 hours handcrafting the In Shadows drinks cabinet. The labor intensive piece combines Japanese bamboo, solid brass rods and British elm stained with black Japanese calligraphy ink, resulting in a cabinet that focuses on craftsmanship. The cabinet’s name comes from the Japanese essay ‘In Praise of Shadows’, a piece about Japanese aesthetics with a section on lacquerware and how it was designed to be seen in low light.

The diagonal pieces of bamboo on the doors and the diagonal brass bar tops cleverly dress up a Japanese coffee set by Japanese ceramist Saiko Fukuoka. The set is seen in shadow and light filters through the gaps. This is a fresh take on traditional Japanese products made using new methods and techniques. Such a liquor cabinet is sure to make a bold statement in your space.

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