Energy efficient radiators

It’s quite cold outside and it’s high time you thought about adding some radiators to your home. These we are sharing today are a new and fresh take on traditional radiators and they look cool.

Deltacalor’s iDeas Line is a collection of hydraulic towel warmers, perfect for heating your environment while offering a clever mix of efficiency and aesthetics. Her designs reinvent radiators capable of giving a new aesthetic value to the environment and renewing the understanding of domestic warmth. These pieces are a useful addition to any bathroom and will go perfectly with any type of decor.

Thanks to the research carried out by Deltacalor, some radiators of the iDeas line have modules that can be adjusted 90 degrees as shown above and below. With these, in addition to an elegant towel warmer, you have a useful tumble dryer in your bathroom and an innovative radiator to heat your bathroom.

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