Contemporary Thai furniture

If you are a fan of contemporary design and decor you will love this furniture collection that offers contemporary design but made with traditional Thai techniques.

Bangkok-based THINKK Studio has partnered with Thai manufacturers and artisans to create a collection of contemporary furniture, crafted using traditional techniques and materials such as bamboo and wicker. The series consists of nine pieces of furniture and household goods: a side table, a mobile lantern, a mirror, a stool, a bench, a plant stand, a fruit tray, a coat stand and a selection of vases.

An oval side table is made from fluted glass that is coated with a gradient film and then sealed with another layer of clear glass. There’s also a mobile lamp based on an ancient bamboo lantern found across Asia. With a woven bamboo exterior and wireless lamp technology, the product can be turned on and off with a handshake.

The edge mirror has a round shape with a slight slope, which is achieved by laminating a regular mirror with a halftone printed layer. There is a duo consisting of a wooden stool and a bench with steel leg supports. These are made by folding a sheet of steel into a U shape and reinforcing it with a flat bar.

Cover Up is a plant stand available in three sizes and two heights. It is made from naturally woven rattan and is made in the style of a traditional New Year’s basket in Thailand. The Pole Coat Stand consists of a single steel stand. The base serves as a shoe and umbrella holder, while the top rail serves as a place to hang scarves, hats and coats.

Contemporary furniture using traditional Thai techniques.
Large upstairs room with artworks by contemporary Thai artist.

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