Contemporary family home

This Montana home sits on 10 acres at the confluence of two rivers. It offers great views of the valley and mountains in the distance. Architectural firm CTA Group is responsible for the design. The team made sure to take full advantage of the stunning scenery and made every effort to blend the house into the landscape. This is made possible by the flat metal roofs on two volumes and the exterior walls clad in dark stained cedar and stone. A covered porch with a television was created between the main house and the guest house for outdoor recording.

Structurally, the house is divided into three volumes. There is the main house which contains the kitchen, dining room, living area, master suite, study, piano room and a smut room. The layout is very efficient and there are no hallways in this entire band. There is also a guest house with a gym and two bedrooms that can be joined to form a family style suite if desired. The third volume is the farm building, which houses the garage and workshop. It has a gabled roof and its design is inspired by the old railway maintenance sheds from this region.

Large windows flood the living spaces with natural light and expose them to the beautiful landscape. The wood fireplace creates a very warm and welcoming ambience in the living area. The kitchen is spacious and open, with striking turquoise accents. The central courtyard serves as an extension of the outdoor living areas. Get more of this beautiful home below!

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