College Bedroom Ideas

College bedroom ideas

COLLEGE BEDROOM IDEAS – Decorating a college bedroom can be challenging in some ways. First, note that a college bedroom can mean two things. The first, college bedroom, refers to the style in a college dorm.

The second relates to the student room model. That said, you can copy any of the 10 college bedroom patterns for your home. What’s a challenge for the college bedroom? Read to the last point to find out.

Stylish college bedroom

Stylish college bedroom

Fine taste envelops this shared college bedroom. This bedroom seems to make very good use of the large space. The bedroom can accommodate two students in a conventional bed arrangement.

With the whitish hue, the bedroom looks clear and tidy. Stylish furniture and decorations complement the bedroom. From the chairs to the unique mirror, the bedroom looks fashionable and upgraded.

They represent the freestyleing of today’s interior design. And all of them look sleek and functional to keep the bedroom spacious. Here the students can sleep well and study quietly.

Personal college bedroom


College students are the best time to channel creativity. Our second features a shared college bedroom that transforms into a personal or even sacred space. In this small space, the bedroom holds so many memories.

First, make sure the bed feels comfortable and cozy. The bed can even serve as a place to learn if you don’t feel like getting up from the mattress. The best element is related to the wall.

From pictures to motivational words, the bedroom wall turns into a canvas that shows the creative side of a young student.

Cozy college bedroom


Winter is coming and you don’t want to do your best, not even study. Expect this season by buying such a mini table to study. Before doing this, make sure your bed has a comfortable mattress, pillows, and blankets to keep you warm.

This description represents most of the college bedroom models that we know best. The already homely feeling is supported by the wall decoration. Some of the pictures are about college materials.

Hang up the small onions and fresh plants as decorations. Such a small but compact area in your home.

Sparkling college bedroom


In contrast to the previous examples, this bedroom appears simple and puristic. The whitish hue in this bedroom results in a clean and comfortable bedroom. The bedroom can serve as a study by sitting on the mattress and chair.

The bedroom looks sparkling with the lovingly arranged little lightbulbs. Some candles are lit on the wooden floor. And there is a big, cute lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.

The tribal carpet has a good feel for noble clay. The mid-century decor gives the fashionable taste.

Simple college bedroom


This is more of an apartment room. We believe this bedroom is for male university students as it is simply designed with the limited amount of furniture. The bedroom looks minimalist at first with the single bed.

The seating set consists of a portable table and a simple sofa. In addition to the cute chair, the desk also looks slim and simple. With a simple layout and some furniture, the bedroom can accommodate various activities.

The bedroom feels comfortable thanks to the brownish color. Such a cozy bedroom for male students who love simplicity.

Attractive college bedroom


Although this college bedroom looks very compact, it remains catchy. This proves that limited space can still turn into an interesting college bedroom as long as you can keep it neat and pour in nice decorations.

The bedroom chooses the pink shade that creates a strong, pretty taste. The bed set contains a soft and comfortable duvet, blanket and pillows. There are mini items such as the artificial Christmas tree and portraits for decoration.

Next to the bed is a classic desk that looks cool with lots of ornaments.

Fantastic college bedroom


Here comes the coolest college bedroom for male students. The bedroom layout corresponds to a common college bedroom model. That’s because the bed is on the desk.

There is a wooden ladder to go up and down. There is the comfortable chair to sit down while reading books before exams. Interestingly, the bedroom still looks creative with the little lightbulbs and rounded mirrors as decoration.

There are also portraits under the bed. And there is a refrigerator for storing canned drinks and snacks. Take it with you while you work on your computer.

Smart college bedroom


This model shows real challenges for a college bedroom. In a small or confined space, you need to create adequate space to sleep, study, and even entertain college colleagues.

At the same time, you need to decorate the bedroom so that you do not get bored easily. This is such a fancy college bedroom. The bed seems comfortable. Below are small boxes in which you can stow your things and place the fresh plants.

There are small, comfortable chairs and a sofa to welcome friends in. And the bedroom still looks adorable with the little light bulbs and wall decorations.

Cool college bedroom


One of the most common and typical college bedroom floor plans for male university students. A single bed next to a desk is enough for comfortable sleeping and studying.

What we love most about the bedroom are some classic items like the briefcase and desk lamp. The US flag has a patriotic effect as a decoration. The bedroom keeps the space simple to enjoy a relaxing feeling.

Macho college bedroom


Another popular college bedroom model that never gets old. If you put two bed sets next to each other, the residents can interact well with each other. The college bedroom looks macho because of the gray and black tones.

Additionally, the college bedroom is filled with masculine decorations like the skull picture, black desks, and gray boxes. Position the large window so that residents can take in natural air and light.


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