Clear glass bathroom vanity with floral motif by Cogliati Cogliati

If you prefer glass bathroom furniture, you should definitely try Cogliaty-Cogliaty products. The company has more than 40 years of experience in glass processing and offers several excellent collections for furnishing modern bathrooms. One of her collections consists of products so bright with simple shapes that they could find their place in any home. In addition, this collection is interesting because of its different and refined glass sinks. The freestanding pool with a bright interior is the most original of them. The collection also consists of cubic cabinets and elegant columns, all made of high-quality tempered glass. Thanks to this, they are durable and reliable. Floral motif decorates them all and gives them a refined touch. Thanks to the wide variety of colors you will find a cool set for black and white bathrooms and brighter rooms. Visit the Cogliaty-Cogliaty website for more information.

Clear glass bathroom furniture with floral motif by Cogliati.

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