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Brown Living Room Ideas

Brown Living Room Ideas

Brown living room ideas

BROWN LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Soft, warm, earth-colored. These are attributes that we often associate with this color. Brown becomes a “safe” color when you run out of options. However, brown does not necessarily mean plain, boring and stiff.

With a few simple steps, brown living room strategies can make your living room the most popular place, large or small. Another good news is that you can recycle, adjust to budget, or work with extravagant furniture.

A shadow from the Brown Living Room

Tiered brown living room

Let’s say you really love brown and want to design a brown living room with a little difference. Consider placing graduated browns for the living room. Combine light brown, dark brown and even beige.

White desk lamps in the picture add a nice decoration. The brown-beige patterned carpet retains the brown tone without letting the room appear too simple. Simple positive words in frames on the wall sweeten the brown theme here.

Brown living room with antique decorations

Brown living room with antique decorations

For example, thanks to Brown’s flexibility, you can use it as the most basic element of a classic living room. After painting the living room with delicate brown, you should place ornaments so that the room looks beautiful.

What about the decorative lamp stuck to the ceiling? You can put an antique coffee table, an old phone, a small wooden cabinet, and a classic mirror on the walls. The medium-sized floor lamp makes the room both nostalgic and romantic.

Living-dining room Brown Room

Living-dining room Brown Room

The third of the overall brown living room ideas suits those of you who don’t have enough space for a separate living room. Make the most of the space you have to combine a living room and dining room. You can use brown as the base color for the two.

In addition to the color of the wall, choose a dining room chair set made of wood and a brown sofa set for the living room. As a small variation, create two-layer curtains with different colors. Put decorations on the walls and fresh plants to separate the two.

With this simple arrangement, the two rooms have a brown theme in seamlessly beautiful modeling.

Brown living room with wood

Brown living room with wood

One does not always rely on concrete walls painted brown as a source for the brown living room theme. As further alternatives, you can choose wood or round wood. Wood is naturally brown. The living room with wood motifs offers natural brown for the room.

Aside from that, wood can freshen up your living room with the naturally cool temperature it creates. As the picture shows, a tiny corner in your cottage or studio apartment can become that super warm brown living room.

Add a long wooden desk, rocking chair, and brown round chair to make the room look old too.

Brown living room with luxury furniture

Brown living room with luxury furniture

Do you have enough space for the living room and want to transform it into a majestic one? Here, too, Brown can support the idea. Choose a wood ceiling, flooring, and wall for a very sturdy shade of brown. Then pick up the furniture and furnishings from the great room.

Slender, brown armchairs, a large pendant lamp, a beautiful lamp and a massive large cabinet make a luxurious element in the room. The black velvet carpet easily complements the spacious brown living room model. Glass ornaments such as glasses, ceramics are also good choices.

Paneled wall in the brown living room

Paneled wall in the brown living room

The brown living room theme can turn into a very creative and fresh mini-spot thanks to the paneled wall. You can hang small decorations on the paneled wall, use the curves of the wall as storage space and much more.

Brown can be chosen as the curtain color, flooring and sofa. The short wooden desk and the wooden windows create a rather brownish atmosphere here. Although the living room looks crowded, artistic ornaments can still make you feel comfortable.

Minimalist furniture and windows make the room look airy and bright.

Brown living room with a bold sofa set

Brown living room with a bold sofa set

The seventh tip is different from most brown living room ideas. That point instead puts a bold brown sofa in the center of attention. The strong brown, as can also be found on the short wooden table, enhances the brownish appearance of the floor and walls.

The special thing about the design are the sofa cushions, which stay brown. Some of the pillows are plain brown, while others have floral patterns. Even so, they are all brown.

The sofa selection shows that Braun opens up creative space for small objects.

Brownish curtains in the living room

Brownish curtains in the living room

Brownish curtains can add a chic touch to the brown living room. You can choose which curtains are suitable for the size of the living room. Thick or plain can go well with the size of the room.

You can place long, transparent brownish curtains from top to bottom as seen in the picture. Or you might prefer thick, short curtains that cover half of the windows. Whichever curtain style you choose, make sure that the color of the curtains matches brown.

With that in mind, you can consider going for graduated shades of brown for the curtains.

Dark brown living room

Dark brown living room.  Source: kalvez.com

For some, dark brown living rooms feel cozy and cozy. The strong brown side brings dense earth tone and elegance. The dark brown living room can comfort you after long hours at office tables.

You can buy a dark brown sofa facing a dark brown part of the wall (see picture). There are also dark, stylish wooden desks, tables and a long, closed cupboard as storage space. Light wood floors bend a little in the dark brown mode.

Place thick purple or dark brown curtains to make the entire living room look solid.

Brown living room storage

Brown living room storage.  Source: Californiaclosets.com

The last of the whole brown living room ideas is in the living room storage. You can either place small brown cabinets or cabinets in the living room, or opt for these large bottom-down cabinets.

You can even order a fixed cabinet with space for the TV. Look for the store that has different models. There is a part of the shop that is covered with glass. Another part is open space while the other gives you drawers.

By storing the room, the living room looks very brownish and definitely contains various room objects and decorations.

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