Brown bathroom decor ideas

Brown bathroom decor ideas

Brown isn’t the most obvious color choice for a home makeover, and that’s unfair: It’s sophisticated, warm, and calming, and pairs well with all sorts of neutrals. Such a color is often used in entryways or kitchens, but how about incorporating it into bathroom decor? Let me share some ideas to show you how gorgeous a bathroom like this can be!

Color Schemes and Styles

Brown can have many shades to choose from, and while chocolate brown is the most popular option, you can choose from various shades of tan, beige, brown, taupe, and more. Choosing a light color scheme, you can combine different shades of brown in one box. If you prefer chocolate brown, do not specify other shades. Combine chocolate brown with neutral and black to create a super sophisticated bathroom.

As for styles, a brown bathroom can be designed in almost any style, from art deco to minimalist. When deciding on a style, stick to the color scheme, which, for example, corresponds to a moody, minimalist chocolate brown bathroom. Vintage can look gorgeous in rich brown, and a modern space looks cool in tan or taupe.


Beautify your bathroom with matching high-gloss fittings. Make sure you introduce materials you like – marble and marble tile, stone and wood, plywood and onyx, wallpaper with catchy prints, and more to make your space the ultimate space. Add a gallery wall if it fits and opt for an oversized mirror and built-in lights. Lighting fixtures can also be useful. For example, you can hang a whole group of light bulbs or lamps over the vanity. Enjoy!

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