Blue-grey kitchen designs

We’re always inspiring you with a great idea for a home makeover. Today’s round-up is dedicated to blue and gray kitchens. Why kitchens? Because when you cook, this is the heart of your home. Here gather, talk, cook, enjoy meals and much more. Why blue and gray? Because this is a very popular color scheme, loved by many homeowners and designers. Let’s find out how to do it!

color scheme

Blue and white is a more popular solution for kitchens. Therefore, choosing blue and gray will make your kitchen more catchy and unusual. Such a color scheme is usually used in softer and muted tones to create an inviting space. Of course you can also use a dark blue kitchen island in a dove gray room or a touch of light gray in a light blue kitchen – the possibilities are endless! If you’re not sure about the colors, don’t add much: opt for blue accessories, textiles and porcelain. This will tell you if you’re ready to make more changes. Don’t forget to brighten up your decor with metallics. These are usually gold and brass, but you can choose one as well. White refreshes the decor, stained wood makes it more rustic and you can think of other colors to add here too.

furniture and accessories

If you want a soft color scheme, rock neutral grays and blues, this can be a two tone kitchen, or blue or gray but with accents, maybe a backsplash and countertops. If you want to rock a bold and contrasting kitchen, you can rock gray cabinets and jazz it up with a light blue countertop, backsplash, kitchen island, and even a refrigerator and stovetop.

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