Blue and yellow kitchens

Let’s stop panicking and find a good thing to keep us busy while we’re all in self-isolation. Renovating your home, or at least renovating some of your rooms, is a good idea – time to do what you’ve been putting off for a long time. Today we will inspire you to renovate your kitchen and do it with a non-traditional and rather bold color combination – blue and yellow.

color scheme

In itself, blue and yellow is a bold and bright color scheme, even if you choose light shades, it will be very noticeable. If you love bold colors, sunny yellows and navy blues, or electric blues if you want pastels, these colors also look great in soft and diluted hues. What to add Well, these can be white and cream for a modern and fresh look, shades of gray that complement both colors perfectly, different shades of stained wood and even black – it all depends on the effect you want to achieve.

furniture and accessories

Now that you’ve chosen the style you want – rustic, farmhouse, modern, minimalist, vintage or otherwise – and your color scheme, it’s time to decide in what proportions to use both colors. Most homeowners prefer to keep cabinets in one color – yellow or blue. If you are unsure about such light shades, you can keep the cabinets neutral and add shades of blue and yellow with other furniture and accessories. Your backsplash can tie the two colors together, as can your countertops. Don’t forget to add different accessories and textiles to your two colors to keep the look cohesive.

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