Big round mirrors

Curves and organic shapes are among this year’s home decor trends and are here to stay. You can see them in anything edgy: architectural arches, details in furniture like armchairs, sofas, mirrors, and bathtubs. Organic, less angular shapes can add a welcome softness to any space. Investing in a curved sofa or a round chandelier therefore adds an unexpected and welcoming element. Keep an eye out for large, round mirrors, which are the number one curved element that is loved by everyone – such a decorative piece can easily be integrated into many rooms and decorative styles.

A large round mirror makes a room look bigger no matter how small or dark it is. It turns any room into an airy and bright space. Large round mirrors can make a statement in any room of the home, adding stunning chic to entryways, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. The circular shape takes the mirror from functional to decorative with a variety of frame options, from elegant and chic to vintage and brass.

Hang a large round mirror (the bigger the better) in your entryway as this is usually a must for a room like this and will make your entryway look larger and more light-filled. Hang a large round mirror in your bedroom or living room, or place it on the floor. This doubles the space and makes it a great decor element. Hang an oversized round mirror or two in your bathroom to make it super edgy and bold – such a solution is simple but very impressive. Complete your makeup corner with such a mirror and you will always be happy to take a look and see everything you need.

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