Bedding boys room

Designing a kid’s room doesn’t end without cool bedding that continues, or at least matches, the theme of the room. Today I want to share some cool boys bedding ideas – your sons will love it!

Bedding by the sea and the beach

Sea, beach, surf and ocean are among the most popular themes for boys rooms and therefore boys bedding. You will find bedding in all shades of blue with marine stripes, surfboards, anchors, boats, ships, oars and so on. And don’t forget the pirate theme! It also requires some sea motifs. The color combination and prints depend on what your son prefers.

geek bedding

Is your son a fan of Spider Man? Does he like Star Wars? What will he say about Jurassic World? If he has some favorite movies, comics, characters or others, you can find bedding with prints like this one and he will be so amazed that you won’t regret it!

Graphic bedding

Graphic black and white bedding with a Scandinavian flair is a great idea for a boy’s or girl’s bedroom, as well as a shared bedroom. It has a gender neutral look and is great for any minimalist, modern or scandi space. If you think it’s boring or gloomy, add some colorful throw pillows and voila!

Dinosaur Bedding

This is one of the most popular options as most boys love these monsters. It can be stylized bold dinosaur bedding that will make your son laugh or real dinosaur bedding that will wow him. Jurassic World fans will love it of course!

vehicle bedding

Cars, tractors, fire engines and other vehicles are the most traditional prints for boys bedding. It suits most boys room themes and he will be amazed if he likes to play with toy cars and trucks (and so do most boys).

Printed bed linen

Different prints make your child look at the bedding with interest, making bedtime fun and cool. So find bold beds with stripes, robots, tigers or any other print that comes to mind and you think it’s appropriate for your son’s room.

Bold or neutral sheets – it’s up to you and your son. Bedding that is too bold or neon can prevent your child from falling asleep. If neutral bedding seems too drab to you, it can always be cheered up with heavy pillows or a duvet.

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