Amazing fall squash centerpieces

Fall is a cozy time of warm evenings by the fireplace, hearty meals with friends and family, and some chilly vacations. That’s why you need cozy (maybe rustic) table settings for all those meals and parties, and a table setting starts with a table setting. How is a fall centerpiece? Pumpkins, which are a symbol of fall and fall holidays, are the most popular part of fall centerpieces.

By and large, pumpkins are great for fall decorating: they’re easy to come by and cheap, they’re very easy to decorate, and you can replace fabric or twine with natural ones. In addition, pumpkins show the spirit of autumn very well: they bring orange, green, ivory or white. You can just put pumpkins in a rustic or shabby chic bowl, decorate them with twigs, pistachios, nuts and twigs, surround them with candles to set the ambiance and do whatever you want. Use white pumpkins for a more sophisticated decor and ordinary ones for a rustic touch. If you are not happy with the colors, just paint or glitter them. You can also use pumpkins as cool vases for your lush floral arrangements. Get inspiration from the gallery below!

40 Amazing Fall Squash Centerpieces |  DigsDigs |  autumn squash.
40 Amazing Fall Squash Centerpieces |  DigsDigs |  autumn squash.
70 Amazing Fall Squash Centerpieces - DigsDi

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