Add interest to a white space

White is a timeless and chic color, it is used very often for all styles of decoration, it makes any room look bigger and it reflects the light so that the room is filled with light. ideal, right? But not too much: an all-white room might look a bit dull and too clean, even like a hospital. How to avoid such a situation? There are some easy ways to add chic and interest to an all-white space. Let’s take a look.


To avoid a monotonous look, you can add texture to the room. It can be a textural bedding set, a fur rug or pillow, metal and wood detailing, or eye-catching tiling – there are so many ways to add texture! It all depends on what space you are highlighting. If it’s a bedroom, cozy textured textiles will do. When it comes to a bathroom, some striking white tiles are just what you need, and whitewashed wood or brick will add simple texture to any space. This way your space will appear subtle and neutral but much more eye-catching and you will avoid a boring look.

Bold floors

If you’ve decided on an all-white space, why not cover the floors with something bold and contrasting to make the space shine? This can be dark stained hardwood floors, some unique and eye-catching tiles, any type of stone, marble, and even ordinary hardwood floors that you have repainted or repainted. It depends on your space and style and see what you want to achieve. Dark or colorful floors can help your white space stand out from the crowd, even if the rest is very basic.

wall art

Wall art is number one in solving many problems, from creatively and boldly decorating the room to hiding an imperfection on the wall. Decide on a wall art that you like and make sure it suits your space: it can be a toy head for a child’s room, a black and white gallery wall, a timeless solution, an abstract wall art that takes you time and to print frames. This is one of the cheapest ideas that is guaranteed to get noticed no matter what style and color you choose.

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